Marlins Burning Questions: Will the 2012 Offseason Make the Marlins a Playoff Team?


Reyes: 5.8

Bell: 1.7
 Buehrle: 3.7
Zambrano: 0.7

LeBlanc: 0.2
Rowand: 0.9

NET WORTH: 14.0 Wins gained

Volstad: 0.1
Vazquez: 2.5
Hensley: -0.2
Lopez: -0.1
Net Worth: 2.3 Wins Lost

TOTAL: 11.7 Wins Gained

Now, some stuff will change.  Morrison and Stanton will get better so more wins will be gained that way and the defense is a little worse and some other deductions in WAR will happen, but as of 2011, if the Marlins had had these guys and lost the players they lost in the offseason they would have been about 84-78 or so, so it looks as if 85 or 86 wins are possible give or take some.  Now with four teams that’s not a playoff team but with 5 it very well could be.  I personally think the Marlins could do better than that but they need Johnson to be healthy and Zambrano to be good and not wild.  The Marlins have gotten a lot better for sure and these moves should make them better and should probably work out good.

Bell: He’s a good closer and some view him is overrated but I think he’s rated just fine.  He will get some saves this year but he may start a slower decline pretty soon and moving parks shouldn’t have a huge effect because I feel that Marlins Park will be more of a pitcher’s park, though not completely.   He’s a pretty good signing and it gives the Marlins a legit closer wand rounds out the Marlins bullpen and makes the team better.  He should have about a 1.5-sh WAR the next few years and he has a chance of having a really great year too, he’s a good signing.

Buehrle: He’s the perfect number three starter and though at the end of the deal he will be doing a bit worse-like 4.00 ERAs, this year he should do pretty good and this year be one of the league’s better number three starters.  This should be one of the better signings of the offseason and he should have a really good year and help the Marlins a lot, of of their best signings of the offseason

Reyes: They needed what he does.  They now have another all-star, who is younger and is fast and can play a pretty good shortstop.  His 2012 should be pretty close to his 2011 except with a lower batting average, but still a .300.  he’s the best signing and should help the most mostly because his talent is the best.  The Marlins will like this guy and he’s a special player worth what they signed him for
Zambrano: He has talent but he’s a big risk, he should easily improve on last year if he has the right attitude but the question is how much and I say not by too much considering his indicators have gotten lower each season and he’s starting to climb in age.  The thing is that he only has to be a five starter though and that he can be.  He could be an above average guy there at best and most ;likely should do his job, for this season.

Others: Rowand wll be a good fourth outfielder and LeBlanc has some talent for a few spot starts when needed and since both cost close to nothing, those are pretty good small pickups.

LOSES: Other than losing a few role players who weren’t even that good, the Marlins lost Vazquez, who is pretty good but they made up for him and more with Buehrle.

BOTTOM LINE: These moves make the Marlins a really good and tough team for 2012 and 2013 but after that they need to use their youth some because some of their signings will start declining.  They should be a playoff contender until then though, but it will be tough in this division.  I could see the Marlins winning as low as 84 games or as many as 94, but realistically it looks like 86-87 is a good number and without the moves they’d probably be about an 80 win team.  These moves could help them into the playoffs.  As for me, I say they’re still a but short but if they start hot they can stay hot or grab another bat in July and they could easily make the playoffs.  They are a good teams and because of these moves they are great

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Recap Of The 2011 Marlins Starting Pitching Rotation and Our Prediction For Next Year

Recap Of The Marlins 2011 Pitching Rotation:

  • Josh Johnson
  • Ricky Nolasco
  • Javier Vazquez
  • Anibal Sanchez
  • Chris Volstad

At the beginning of the 2011 season Marlins starting rotation started out great, Josh Johnson kept a no-hitter at least into the fifth inning for 5 time when he took the mound. Ricky Nolasco, in his first 5 starts he won 4 and lost just 1 against the Mets in the Opening Week. Anibal Sanchez did the same thing what Josh Johnson did, but came closer to his 2nd No-Hitter, vs The Rockies, before giving up a hit to Dexter Fowler. Sanchez finished the game for his 4th career complete game, 3 starts later he kept a No-No into the 7th inning against the Nats before losing it. Recently signed veteran, Javier Vazquez was back in the NL East, where he won 3 and lost 2 in his 5 starts in April and Volstad did his job in April by winning 3 games of 4.

What Went Bad?

In May 16th, Marlins Ace Josh Johnson, suffered a right should inflammation, reports thought he would pitch again in late September, but it wasn’t possible. The fish had a Historically bad June, everyone just went down, they just won 5 games and lost 25. Edwin Rodriguez (manager at the time) quits before their 10 straight lost, Brandon Hyde was the interm before finding a full interm manager for the 2011,who was Jack McKeon. Every time Anibal Sanchez took the mound, the bullpen couldn’t help him win or he had no runs support. Chris Volstad was not pitching well and went t0 the minors and Nolsaco just went down in month of May, June and July

At the End:

In September, Javier Vazquez won  5 of 5 games that he started, Vazquez had a 29 scoreless inning streak, the longest in Marlins history, during which he struck out 28 batters while only walking 4. Javy was named National League Pitcher Of The Month in September.

Some rookies Starting pitchers made their there debuts: Brandon Hand and Chris Hatcher and Alex Sanabia pitched again but not as much as in 2010.

Here are my Prediction on the 2012 Marlins Pitching Rotation:

  • Josh Johnson
  • Mark Buehrle
  • Anibal Sanchez
  • Ricky Nolasco
  • Carlos Zambrano
Upgrade: Mark Buehrle, Carlos Zambrano and Wade LeBlanc

The clue is if Josh Johnson could stay healthy, he could be at his best, he probably put up number like he did in 2008-2010 (if he stays healthy). Prediction: Wins 16 Loss 8 with an ERA of 2.99

Recently signed pitcher Mark Buehrle, as you may know has only pitched in the American League, but when it comes to Interleague games. Buehrle is 24-6 with a 3.32 ERA and 1.20 WHIP in 40 career games (39 starts) against National League teams. Prediction: Win 15 Loss 9 with an ERA of 3.50

Anibal Sanchez didn’t have great numbers in 2011, but he came close to no-no’s, and once again came close to getting 200 innings pitched. Hopefully he could put number like in his rookie year: Wins 10 Loss 3. Prediction: Wins 14 Loss 8 with an ERA of 3.30

The 2011 season for Ricky Nolasaco was a down year, he had more loss than wins, 10 wins and 12 loss. He needs to be at his best. Prediction: 13 wins and 9 loss with an ERA of 3.90

Carlos Zambrano is know by getting crazy, punching water coolers, breaking bats, but you know what?  Take those bad reactions away and take a look at his numbers, last season, he won 9 and loss 7 in 24 games started. Also Zambrano has 7 years with 11 or more wins. Prediction: 13 wins and 9 loss with an ERA of 3.70

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Grass Is DONE

Today was day 3rd and  final day to finish putting out the sod in the new ballpark.

Day 1 was all about the sod ceremony and covering all the infield.

Day 2 was about covering up all the Left Field side.

Day 3 was today, covering the right field side with Bermuda grass which is called Celebration Grass 

Can I say PLAY BALL yet? The final pieces to finish are the warning track and the mound. Warning Fans get your tickets NOW, it wont be that easy like the other years.

Other News, MLB 12: The Show, gave out their Exclusive Marlins Park Trailer: Check It out by clicking the following link:

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Jose Reyes Cut His Signature Hair

Yesterday was tough day for the Marlins new shortstop Jose Reyes. He needed to get his dreads cut off because of the Marlins hair policy, like the Yankees policy. Some teams like the Red Sox and Giants do not do this policy, example Giants Closer Brian Wilson Beard and SP Tim Lincecum.

If your wondering why I said  “yesterday was a tough day for Jose Reyes”.  You could say it’s just an ordinary hair cut, no big. But if your Jose Reyes it would give you nightmares.

Did you know that Jose Reyes had his dreads since the 2007 season and he washed his hair once a month, yeah gross but someone with dread would understand this.

Every time the barber cut a dread, it looked like Jose was getting a heart attack. Reyes said to the MLB Network cast “this is painful man“. The fish asked Jose before signing him that was it ok if he can cut his hair, Reyes responded “no problem, my hair won’t affect the way I play“. So he knew he was getting a hair cut, anyways he needed to get one.

But this wasn’t any hair cut! It was on national t.v. Also Reyes and the MLB are doing a good thing, they are selling Jose hair on E Bay and the top payer gets his hair, but the point is, that all the money will be donated to Make A Wish Foundation of South Florida. If  you want to make a bid just go on E Bay and search Jose Reyes Dreads and make your bid, you still have 4 days to go!

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Marlins Park Is 97 Percent Done

On July 18, 2009 the Marlins broke ground on their new ballpark and 970 days later they are finally putting the last pieces in the new ballpark!

Today was a BIG day!  The Marlins are installing the final pieces in the new ball park.

  • Installation shade-resistant Bermuda sod called Celebration.
  • 2 Fish Tank Behind home plate
  •  HR feature with flying Marlins 

David Samson “Today is the day this ballpark comes to life the one thing you always look for more than the JumboTron or the seats, the one thing you need to play baseball (is) you need grass and you need basepaths, and today we have it.’

David Samson: “The roof will now stay open to let the grass grow until opening day, the interesting part is that we need the grass and the rain to get this Bermuda grass which is called Celebration to get to 3 quarters inch thick, that is a level that we never obtain in the history of the Marlins before and we are gonna get it here, we have a grounds crew for the first time, we  have no need of a tarp because of the roof and when this grass laid you will see it take shape for opening day

Here are the fish tanks behind home plate but with no fishes, they will arrive in about 2-3 weeks.

The final piece on the HR Feature has been installed, which is the flying  Marlins.

In my opinion this HR Feature is awesome, it fits just right, it has Miami all over it. What Do You Guys Think? Answer The Following Poll:  

Here are some more pictures of  the ballpark

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Miami Marlins open online registration for opening night

Finally the moment has come!

Now you can have the opportunity to buy opening night tickets (only online registration process).

Image Courtesy of the Miami Marlins

Opening Night is on April 4th, 2012 against recent World Series Champions, The St. Louis Cardinales on ESPN

On March 3rd, 2012 you can buy individual tickets but with exception of buying  the Opening  Night tickets (Only Online Registration Staring Today)!


Buy Your Opening Night Tickets by clicking the following link:

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Grass To Be Installed On February 2nd!

THE TIME HAS COME! It seem like it was just yesterday the Marlins broke ground on our new ballpark and 920 days or 2 years, 6 months and 16 days later to be exact, the workers will be installing Celebration Bermuda Grass in the new ballpark. The ballpark is currently 94 percent done.

If you don’t know how  Celebration Bermuda Grass looks like well here it is: 

The  Celebration Bermuda Grass arrived today and tomorrow it will be installed. Each roll of grass is about 50 feet long and 4 feet wide, so to cover the hole surface it will be 110,000 square feet of turf. This installation will take about 3 days to be exact.

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Marlins 2012: What Can We Expect?


Without a Shadow of a doubt we will see something that this town has not seen since 2005, a team built to contend for a pennant in the National League. In that year the Florida Marlins built around Josh Beckett’s pitching and Carlos Delgado’s bat, turned out to be an epic failure. With AJ Burnett not caring, Beckett’s blisters the aging bats in the line up the team could not make it into the playoffs or draw fans which cause the Fire Sale in the off season. The payment left from the “Market Correction” our new third baseman Hanley Ramirez. Everyone else who we acquired in those trades for Mike Lowell, Becket, Juan Pierre, Miguel Cabrera, Carlos Delgado, Luis Castillo, is long gone playing for other teams in the Major Leagues.

 Fast forward 6 years later, and the team is not even Florida Anymore. We are the Miami Marlins, new colors, new Logo, new stadium new identity, but wait same ownership. Trying to impress a fan base that shows up only for winners the Marlins made a (lack for a better word) splash this off-season, bringing in free agent talent to attempt to create a winner. Signing Jose Reyes, was the first big move in the winter meetings, only problem with this is it made our already All-Star short stop a little mad, because he now has to move to third base. Next was our bullpen, with the man formally known as Leo Nunez’s future unknown, the signing of Heath Bell former Padre closer is supposed to shut the lights out for the marlins back end of games. Meaning if Josh Johnson can stay healthy for more than a month this year, he may be able to leave the game with a 4 run lead and not worry about losing or getting a no decision. Mark Buehrle is up next being brought into the pitching rotation giving us a pitcher not afraid to give up strikes for outs, and hopefully at least 15 wins this season. So three free agents in and the Marlins were not finished yet.

Miami Marlins: New Colors, New Logo and New Uniforms

Marlins traded over hyped over rated hometown pitcher from West Palm Beach Chris Volstad to the Chicago Cubs bringing in Big Z Carlos Zambrano a head case the last couple years walking out on his team, getting in fights and giving up early leads in games. This was a good trade though because Chris Volstad was a waste of time, effort and money. It’s a Contract year for Zambrano and the Marlins franchise is known for bringing in talent that has been off and making them money worthy. Examples you ask would be the like of Ross Gload, and Aaron Boone who got nice contracts after being with the Marlins for one season. You can also include Wes Helms in this but he was traded back to the Marlins from Philadelphia after being a let down for them. Hopefully in this contract year, Big Z will be just that big and win some games for the Fish.

We can expect to see a contender this year. The Phillies are only getting older, Atlanta proved that they do not have the pitcher management or contender last year as they blew a big 20 game lead to not make there way into the Wild Card spot. Washington National’s who looked good at parts of 2011 did not get the free agent first baseman that would have had them in the spotlight; Mets are down graded this year due to financial constraints. The National League east is wide open. The Central has lost star power also. Prince Fielder and The Machine Albert are not even in the National League anymore. This has put the home run crown in a box already addressed with Mike Stanton’s name on it. A line up mixed with speed and power along with B- to A+ pitching can mean a new flag will be put up in the new stadium. Only question is if the Marlins do make the playoffs, will the franchise be 9-0 in Playoff Series’ leading to a star studded parade down Brickel and A1A in November? Either way I am looking forward to the flying fish in the outfield with these bats at least I am guaranteed that.

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Jacob Realmuto Interview

Jacob Realmuto is a Catcher in the Miami Marlins organization. He was drafted by the Marlins in the 3rd round of the 2010 MLB June Amateur Draft. He played with the Greensboro Grasshoppers last season. He is from Midwest City, Oklahoma, US and he is 20 years old. Please follow him on Twitter @JTRealmuto!


Jacobo H: First of all, how was it like being drafted by the Marlins?

Realmuto: It was exciting because I knew that was the first step in reaching my goal of playing at the highest level.

Jacobo H: It’s always exciting to get that feeling. How was it like playing your first minor league game?

Realmuto: I was anxious to get my first game under my belt, and also proud to put the Marlin’s jersey on for the first time.

Jacobo H: Yeah I would really get like that too, What has been your best moment in baseball up to this point?

Realmuto: My best game ever was in high school when I went 4-4 with 3 home runs.

Jacobo H: That sounds like an awesome game! Which runner do you want take out when he is stealing and which pitcher do you wanna catch for when your in the majors?

Realmuto: Well I would have like to have taking out Reyes, but he’s on my team now. I’ll just go with Juan Pierre and I’d like to catch Josh Johnson

Jacobo H: Tough luck, but he is with us now! So what do you think about the new ballpark? What do you like the most?

Realmuto: I haven’t got to see it in person yet, but from what I hear it’s amazing. I like the fact that it has a dome.

Jacobo: Well it’s a retractable roof, now we can enjoy every single game without it raining. Who was your favorite team and favorite player growing up?

Realmuto: Favorite team growing up was the Los Angeles Dodgers and my favorite player was Mike Piazza.

Jacobo H: Cool now I can see why you like to be a catcher. So what do you think about the marlins offseason? Can you see them in the playoffs?

Realmuto: They made a lot of big moves, got tons of talent. If they can stay healthy, I don’t see any reason they can’t make the playoffs.

Jacobo H: Yeah we got tons of upgrades by getting Reyes, Buehrle, Bell and others. If you can see them in the playoffs; What is your World Series Pick?

Realmuto: Miami Marlins vs. Detroit Tigers

Jacobo H. That could be one of the coolest World Series since we could face Ex-Marlins Manger Jim Leyland and Ex-Marlin Miguel Cabrera.

Jacobo H. That wraps it up. Thank You Mr. Realmuto and Good Luck in 2012!

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The Florida Who?

It seems as though amid all the offseason talk and buzz surrounding the Fish, we Marlins fans take something for granted.  Even I often forget who the Marlins were just a year ago, remember?  Remember the days of rain outs, sun burns, and having to drive to the middle of nowhere?  Yeah, that’s all out the window now.  People say that baseball can’t work in Miami, but as far as this Marlins fan is concerned baseball has never been in Miami.

 Until now.  They say the Marlins have no fans, wrong, look at how they sold out the stadium for the playoffs and two World Series that we won (chew on that one cubs fans).  Not to mention that the Marlins have had some of the best television ratings in the majors.  The only reason they had poor attendance was because of a flurry of bad circumstances.  But that’s all over!

 Miami has baseball, better than ever, and it’s here to stay.  From having the most luxurious sparkling new stadium to the best (yeah, I said it) colors and uniforms in the MLB to substantially raising their payroll and bringing in amazing talent- the Marlins have become what no one thought they could, a contender.

All this change will culminate at the beginning of this coming season when for the first time in quite a while, two Marlins games will be televised to the nation and America will be able to see just who the Fish are.  So Marlins fans, enjoy, this year may be amazing for the Fish for many reasons, but if all things work out, there will be many more good years to follow.  And to the rest of America, brace yourself, here come the Fish!

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Marlins vs. UM and FIU Exhibition Games


It’s finally time to buy your tickets for the new Miami Marlins season! On Tuesday March 6th, 2012, your Marlins take on the University of Miami Hurricanes in a spring training game, set to play at the new Marlins Park. Tickets are 10$ and went on sale Friday, so there may be little to no tickets left. If you don’t get tickets, don’t worry! The very next night, Wednesday, March 7th, the Marlins will make a split squad appearance against the Florida International Panthers at Marlins Park.


There will be 10,000 tickets available for the Miami game, and 15,000 for the FIU game. This will be the first time you can see your new Marlins team, complete with their new stadium. ..The wait is almost over!

The Marlins will be looking for redemption this year after they lost to UM last year, 9-8. UM went on to finish their season with a very respectable 40-21 record, but lost to Virginia in the NCAA tournament. The Marlins will be playing FIU for the first time ever, as FIU went 40-20-1 record last season and made it to a regional.


The college teams will have an advantage over the Marlins though. UM and FIU will be a month into their seasons, while the Marlins will be playing their second, and third games of the young season. And don’t forget, because they are playing college teams, FIU and UM will be using metal bats opposed to wood.

These college nights are a good way for the Marlins to try out their young, upcoming players such as Alex Sanabia, aswell as their injured players such as Josh Johnson and Chris Coghlan. Or maybe, all the eyes will be on Mike Stanton to see how far he’ll be able to hit the ball of these college pitchers. Never less, everyone will just be glad to kick back in the new stadium, after years of planning and building.

This is your time to be there and say “I’ve been to the first Marlins game at their new stadium ever.” For tickets, go to This is where your New look Marlins will look to start off the Franchise with a great start, hopefully leading up to a World Series title this year!

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We Need Writers!

Yes We Are! For any  Marlins fans out there, who really likes to write, especially about “marlins baseball”, here is your first chance to become a writer! 

“You Just Need To Answer The Following Questions”

  • Do You have time to write about the fish?
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  • Why Should We Pick You?

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Tom Koehler Interview

Tom Koehler is a pitcher in the Miami Marlins organization.  He played for Triple-A New Orleans last season.  He has been pitching in the Marlins system since 2008, when he was drafted in the 18th round of the MLB Draft.  He is from the Bronx, New York.  Thanks for the interview Tom.  You can follow him on Twitter @TKREFRESH22.  I would also like to thank him for his help in getting this interview recovered after it was lost!

Niklas:  Hi Tom. To start off,  what was your favorite team and player growing up?   I imagine this could be hard being from the Bronx in the 1990s!

Tom: Actually, it wasn’t  hard for me at all.   My father and grandfathers were all Yankees fans so it was an easy choice.   Even though they struggled in the early 90s,  the latter part of the decade was pretty rewarding.   My favorite player was Roger Clemens.   His work ethic and ferocity on the mound are unparalleled.

Niklas: Clemens was a great pitcher. So how do you feel now that you are so close to playing for the Marlins?   This is it…it’s the next step forward.

Tom: It very exciting.   I am very appreciative of the opportunities the Marlins have given me thus far and look forward to helping the team in  any way I can for years to come.

Niklas: Yes, the Marlins are a great organization. How did it feel to be drafted? What was that day like for you?

Tom: It was great!   It is something that you dream about the first time you lace up your Frank Thomas Big Hurt Reebok cleats as a kid.   I was a senior in college and I was just hoping that a team would give me a chance.   I am fortunate that the Marlins did just that.

Niklas: Nice cleats! Sounds sweet. Now you have been a starter your whole career.  Since the rotation is full,  how do you feel about the possibility of  moving to the pen in the majors.

Tom: I just want to win.   Do not get me wrong, I love starting.   You get to set the tone for the game, but,  if they want me to come out of the pen, then that’s what I will do.   I would play CF if they thought it was the best way to win.

Niklas: So how was New Orleans?

Tom: New Orleans is a very interesting city full of rich history. They are still rebuilding from the flooding a few years back, and it’s very muggy.   But it’s a pretty cool place to play.   But from what I have heard Miami is just a little bit better.

Niklas: New Orleans sounds very rich in history. What do you think your best pitch is?

Tom: Everyone’s best pitch should be their fastball.   But, for me,  it’s all about strike one.   Things get a lot easier once you get ahead.

Niklas: Speaking of strike one, what’s your mentality out on the mound?

Tom: It’s all about keeping my team in a position to win that game.   I want to get the hitter out as fast as I can and get my team in the dugout so they can go hit.   You can’t score any runs when your out on the field.

Niklas: What do you think about your pro career so far?  You had a very special season in 2010.

Tom: I believe it’s been successful, but,  no one has ever been remembered for what they did in the minors, not even Crash Davis.  2010 was great, but,  I don’t want to be remembered for 2010.   I want to have a respectable big league career to talk about.

Niklas: Yes. Very true. What do you think will happen for you in 2012? Give me a prediction…

Tom: The only thing that I can predict is what I can control, and,  that is I will give it my all everyday and compete in all situations.

Niklas: Ok. What do you think about pitching in the NL East. There are some good teams and scary hitters.

Tom: Good, yes.  Scary, no.  It will be like pitching anywhere else. You have to trust your stuff, trust your catcher and trust your preparation.  Then everything else takes care of it self.   Respect all and fear no one.

Niklas: You are very focused  and sound like you have the attitude you need to be a pitcher. Now on a lighter side. What’s the funniest thing you have seen in the minors, or have done.

Tom: One of the funnier things I’ve done was win the dance off at a Hornets game. However, the  most funny things that go on have to stay in the locker room.   Let’s just say there has been some good victory dances and bus trips.

Niklas: I know. I have heard some stories of riding the bus. What did you think of the Marlins offseason?

Tom: It’s been very exciting.   They have gone out and made some serious moves. Hopefully it draws in more fans and puts a great product on the field.

Niklas: I think it should. So do you think the new ballpark will be a pitchers park? Do you like it?

Tom: I actually have not seen the park, but,  it looks very colorful and very nice and from what reports are its unlike another park. It was the perfect way to end a long season.

Niklas: Did you ever pay much attention to scouts or even a GM who might want you as part of a deal?

Tom: No it’s a business, that’s not something we as ball players can worry about. If something were to happen then you have to deal with it.

Niklas: Ok, now did you know you shared a birthday with a baseball great??? If not, take one guess.

Tom: Hammerin Harmon(Harmon Killebrew), no I had no clue but I just looked it up when you asked me that question, that’s pretty cool.

Niklas: Ok. Cheater…(Laughter). Rapid fire time.

Niklas: Favorite MLB Stadium

Tom: Old Yankee Stadium

Niklas: Best team that you ever saw

Tom: 1998 Yankees that went 114-48

Niklas: Best hitter and best pitcher in the MLB

Tom: Albert Pujols and Roy Halladay

Niklas: Best MLB Game you ever saw?

Tom: Game 6 of the 2011 World Series.

Niklas: Favorite food?

Tom: My moms baked Ziti.

Niklas: Super Bowl pick

Tom: The New York Football Giants

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Christian Yelich Interview

Christian Yelich is an outfielder in the Miami Marlins organization.  He was named their top prospect by Baseball America and he played for the Greensboro Grasshoppers last season.  I want to wish Yelich the best of  luck and I thank him for his time. Please Follow Him on Twitter @ChristianYelich

Niklas: What did it feel like being a first round draft pick?

Yelich: It was such a good feeling and something I’m proud of to this day.

Niklas: What’s it like being the top prospect according to Baseball America?

Yelich: It’s an honor.   I’ve worked hard for it, but with that being said,  I need to continue working hard to get better and improve my game.

Niklas: Yes, I don’t know if you saw our website, but,  we have a video of you hitting a walk-off home run for Greensboro.   How did that feel?

Yelich: That was actually the first time I hit a walk-off homer and it came at a good time.  That was the best game I’ve been a part of.  Hopefully it sparked our run in the playoffs.

Niklas: Hard to believe that was your first walk-off HR, How was Greensboro?  How about the team?

Yelich: Greensboro was a great place to play and we had a good group of guys who played hard every night.

Niklas: Seems like it was fun.  How was the transition from first base to the outfield?

Yelich: I never actually played a lot of first base but I was labeled as one.  The transition to the outfield is going well and I’ve been working at it with our outfield coordinator.

Niklas:  What is your best tool… your speed, power, fielding, or hitting ability?
Yelich: I’d say my hitting ability but also my ability to be a balanced offensive player and steal some bases and hit some home runs

Niklas: So what’s your mentality going to the plate?

Yelich: I’m just trying to get a good pitch and hit it hard and I feel if I can do that, the results will be there in the end.

Niklas: What has been your best moment in baseball up to this point?
Yelich: Winning the SAL championship this year.  There’s nothing like winning it and it was a great group of guys to play with.

Niklas: You seem like you were on a great team.  What was your favorite team and player growing up?
Yelich: The Yankees growing up because of Derek Jeter.  I liked how he carried himself on and off the field.  He is a class act.

Niklas:  So watching them lose in the 2011 ALDS must
not have been fun for you.  Who’s stronger, you or Stanton?
Yelich: Definitely Stanton.  (Laughter)

Niklas: Who’s the funniest player (or manager) on the Marlins?
Yelich: Gotta say LoMo.   I don’t know him well,  but  the times we have talked, he’s been hilarious.

Niklas: I can only imagine what was said.  So how has your MLB experience been so far?

Yelich: It’s been great.  I’ve learned a lot so far and I believe I’ve improved as a player.

Niklas: What does 2012 behold?  Are you going to spring training?  What level will you start at?
Yelich: I’m not going to big league camp, and, I’m not sure what level I’ll be a.   I’ll know once camp breaks.

Niklas: What do you think of the new Marlins ballpark?  Will it be a hitters park?

Yelich: From the pictures I’ve seen it looks nice.  As far as a hitters park, I can only hope, but, we’ll see.

Niklas: Would you rather hit a walk off Grand Slam with your team down by three or make a diving catch that saves the game?

Yelich: In reality,  either one because we would’ve won.   But, for the purpose of the question, I’d say a Grand Slam…

Niklas: Favorite MLB Stadium
Yelich: Yankee Stadium
Niklas: Best Team You Ever Saw
Yelich: 1998 Yankees

Niklas: Second Marlin to say that team…Best Hitter and Pitcher in the MLB
Yelich: Pujols as a hitter and Cliff Lee as a pitcher

Niklas: Good choices.  Best MLB game you ever saw
Yelich: Game 6 of 2011 World Series

Niklas:Favorite food

Yelich: Mexican
Niklas: Super Bowl Pick

Yelich: Patriots… Tom Brady is a proven winner and he’s married to a super model.
Niklas: Can’t argue with the second thing you said, though, I’ll be pulling for the Giants

Niklas: Thanks so much for your time Christian.   Best of luck, and I know I will see you on the Marlins soon!

Yelich: No problem, I appreciate it.


Cespedes Declared A Free Agent

As you could have read yesterdays post about Yoenis Cespedes (Yoenis Cespedes Notes) He established his residency in the Dominican Republic 

and was waiting for Major League Baseball to be declared a free agent.

Well today, Major League Baseball officially declared he is a Free Agent.

The top runners to get Cespedes are the fish and the cubbies. The White Sox, Orioles, Indians, Yankees, Phillies, Blue Jays and Rangers also appear to have some interest in Cespedes, but the Nationals aren’t involved.

Tweets About Yoenis Cespedes:

We just need to wait and see who has the right tweet!

According to Joe Frisaro, the Fish could sign Cespedes to a 4-6 year in length.

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Seating diagram

2012 Spring Training Schedule:

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2012 Top 30 Miami Marlins Prospects


  1. OF Christian Yelich  A-

    Christian Yelich Batting

  2. OF Marcell Ozuna B+
  3. 3B Matt Dominguez B
  4. SP Jose Fernandez B
  5. SP Rob Rasmussen B
  6. SP Chad James B-
  7. C JT Realmuto B-
  8. OF Kyle Jensen B-
  9. SP Adam Conley B-
  10. OF Kevin Mattison C+
  11. 2B Noah Penio C+
  12. 1B Mark Canha C+
  13. OF Scott Cousins C+
  14. SP Mason Hope C+
  15. RP Jose Ceda C+
  16. RP Grant Dayton C+
  17. SP Charlie Lowell C+
  18. SP Austin Brice C+
  19. RP Michael Brady C+
  20. OF Jesus Solorzano C+
  21. SP Jose Rodriguez C +
  22. 1B Jobduan Morales C+
  23. 1B Ryan Rieger C+
  24. C Austin Barnes C+
  25. OF Isaac Galloway C+
  26. RP Scott Lyman C+
  27. RP Jake Esch C+
  28. RP Juan Urena C+
  29. 3B Jake Smolinski C+
  30. C Kyle Skipworth C+


Beau Wright Pitching

This system was one of the top systems as far as prospects go a few years ago, but with the likes 

of future star Morrison and Stanton graduating, and a few busts like Volstad and Skipworth, this system has seen it’s better days, but it’s not the worst in the MLB and should have a couple future major leaguers and the top five guys could make a bigger impact on the team.
YELICH has all the tools and should be a good starting outfielder one season in a few years. He looks like he will be a 20-20 guy and a good starter ETA: End of 2012.


OZUNA could be another guy very similar to Yelich, only with less refined tools, should still be good. ETA: 2014

DOMINGUEZ is a great defender at third base and he should be an average to above average hitter ETA: 2012
FERNANDEZ is the best arm in this system by far and should show it in 2012 in the minors ETA: 2014
RASMUSSEN is a live arm, who I really like and I see him being a pretty good starting pitcher pretty soon and I like him ETA: 2014
JAMES was highly regarded but had a bad year in 2010 and rebounded in 2011 and with his stuff and talent, there is hope for him. ETA: 2013
REALMUTO he looks like a decent hitting catcher who has a good shot at making a good impact on the Marlins ETA: 2014
JENSEN looks like he could be a power hitting outfielder with sneaky speed and could carve out a decent career ETA: 2013
CONLEY is a tough pitcher and has the tools for success, he could be a very good closer, I think EAT: late 2013
MATTISON might see time later this year and though he won’t ever have a high average, I see him as a good OBP and role player ETA 2012

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The Direction of The Miami Marlins

The Miami Marlins have had a disappointing season, and they’ll be the first to admit it.  They made some splashes this off-season by signing Jose Reyes, Heath Bell, and Mark Buehrle and trading for Carlos Zambrano.

The Marlins did it wrong, sure you can sign a few superstars and have a really good season like the Yankees in 2009, but the problem is the pieces have to gel together as a whole and the Marlins didn’t have that.  Hanley Ramirez stopped hitting and though I think he will again with the Dodgers that might have not happened if he stayed in Miami, reason being he needed a new start under new coaches and management somewhere else to motivate him like he was in 2006-10.

The Marlins also gave up pieces that were doing good in Anibal Sanchez, Randy Choate, and Omar Infante but they got some good prospects and young players who fit the team very well, so all in all that was worth it.  They traded Edward Mujica, a good reliever for Zach Cox, who was once a highly regarded prospect and still is very good, and they needed a future third baseman before the trade, they have one now and he’s good only for the cost of a bullpen arm that can be replaced.  Gaby Sanchez was a fan favorite and had some good seasons, but he wasn’t hitting and he’s not a for sure candidate to turn it around, although he can.  The Marlins got Gorkys Hernandez, a speedy, exciting and all-around good outfielder who can help the Marlins out right now.

The Marlins probably won’t have a winning record this year, but I think given the fact they’re building a team that should be good they could have success as early as 2013, but I think 2014 is the most realistic time for contention.  They have a core of Buehrle, Johnson, Stanton, Morrison, Reyes, and Cishek moving forward and put together with some of the prospects in the trades and a few signings or trade of veteran players that fill holes or make the team better can lead the Marlins to another playoff berth and possibly beyond.  Another note is I have seen Donovan Solano a bit now and I think he can stick around in the MLB and help the Marlins, adding another piece.

The Marlins have even found a good back-up outfielder in Justin Ruggiano who can help now and in the future. Projected 2015 Line-Up

  1. SS Jose Reyes
  2. 2B Emilio Bonifacio
  3. CF Christian Yelich
  4. RF Giancarlo Stanton
  5. 1B Logan Morrison
  6. 3B Zack Cox
  7. LF Gorkys Hernandez
  8. C Rob Brantly

Bench C JT Realmuto OF Marcell Ozuna IF Donovan Solano OF Justin Ruggiano OF Jesus Solarzano


  1. SP Josh Johnson
  2. SP Mark Buehrle
  3. SP Jose Fernandez
  4. SP Jacob Turner
  5. SP Nate Eovaldi

Bullpen is pretty unpredictable but the Marlins have lots of good arms and could make some nice signings and trades.

By: Niklas Jarvinen (@Niktigs)