The National Spotlight Is Shining Bright On Miami

With the Heat already showing that they are championship contenders the Marlins have that pressure of doing the same. They have signed 4 former All-stars this past offseason and have one of baseballs most entertaining managers. They will without a doubt be the main attraction going into this 2012 season.

The many different personalities this team has will make it interesting to see how they mesh together. But the one guy that can handle the task of managing those different egos is Ozzie. He’s the perfect man for the job.

Image courtesy of the Miami Marlins via Facebook

There’s alot of talent on this team and expectations couldn’t be higher for a season. If J.J is healthy throughout the whole season and Hanley shows he can be the hitter he was back in ’09 I have no doubt in my mind that the fish will be in it in the end.

If everything falls right for the fish this season this can be a very memorable inaugural season. The fans have alot to be happy about going into this season but remember, the season isn’t won in the winter meetings, it’s won in October where everything is on the line and that’s when you know you made the right moves in December. This should be a very exciting year and I can’t wait for it to begin.

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