Beau Wright Interview

Beau Wright Pitching

Beau Wright is a Left-Handed Pitcher in the Miami Marlins organization.  He was drafted in the 48th Round of the 2011 MLB Draft and pitched eleven games, six starts  in rookie ball last year, putting up a 3.98 ERA.  Wright was previously drafted by the Twins in 2009 and is from Los Alamitos, California.  I would like to wish good luck to Beau in 2012 working his way up the system to the show.  Thanks for a great interview Beau, and enjoy!  Follow him on Twitter @BeauLeft34


Niklas: What was your favorite team growing up?  Being from Cali there were a lot of options.  Who is  your favorite player?
Beau Wright: I was always a Dodger fan because I was always on the Dodgers for my youth league teams.  My favorite player was Ken Griffey Jr.
Niklas: So the Giants winning it all in 2010 must have not been fun.
BW: Well, when they won it wasn’t too fun but my uncle works for them so I was happy for him
Niklas: Sounds cool for your uncle… Speaking of the World Series, what do you think of the Marlin’s moves and their chances to win it all?
BW: I like the moves,  anyone would.  As for the World Series,  anyone has a shot in my book.  It’s all about putting it all together

Niklas: Funnier  person, LoMo or Ozzie?
BW: I would have to go Ozzie.

Niklas: Yeah, that Soto mask kick puts him over the top.  So what have these last few months been like being drafted and all?

BW: Well since being drafted in the summer of 2010 it’s a great honor and it’s was even better being drafted  the second time.

Niklas:  Yes it’s every baseball players dream.  Now, you were both a starter and reliever last year.  What role do you like better?

BW: I like to start but relieving and closing is just as fun.  Just anytime I’m on the mound is fun for me.  (Laughter)

Niklas: So you could see yourself as a closer?  I like it, the next Billy Wagner, right?
BW: I could and as for the comparison I like it but,  I think our styles our different which suits me better for starting.

Niklas: Yeah, so what was Jupiter like?  Better than California?  Also, How did you like the team?
BW: Jupiter is nice, definitely a different scene for me but nothing is better than Cali!  I loved our team… really good group of guys.  We should have won the GCL championship though!!(The GCL championship was between the GCL Marlins and GCL Yankees)
Niklas:  So, how about your best moment in baseball… could be Little League, high school, college or pro ball.

BW: To this day, it is my no-hitter vs. Lakewood High School.  I struck out 16 and it was for an American Legion final and I was only a sophomore.  That performance really put me on the radar.
Niklas: Oh man, that sounds amazing!  Ok, I don’t know if you saw Justin Verlander on Conan but he eats a bunch of Taco Bell before each start.  Do you have any superstitions before you go out there?

BW: The one thing I do is listen to Kid Cudi’s “Pursuit of Happiness” right before I go warm up.

Niklas: Sounds like a good superstition  that won’t give you a stomach ache.  Does it feel special to be a left handed pitcher since they are so rare?
BW: It does, we are different from  others.  Couldn’t tell you why but that’s the way it is. (Laughter)

Niklas: Yes as a righty myself, I feel like  a clone.  What is your best pitch… that pitch you go to get that last strike swing and miss?

BW: Definitely the inside fastball on righties and lefties.

Niklas:Okay.  How do you feel about the fact you will pitch in the NL East?  There are some good stadiums, teams, and hitters.

BW: I like it.  Every team is good.
N: Sounds like a good attitude.  How do you feel about 2012?  What level do you think you will start at?
BW: I really don’t know (about the level).  I only have 40 innings under my belt coming off surgery.  I’m definitely shooting high though.  This is a big year for me.
Niklas: I know it’s gonna be a big year for you.  How about the new stadium?  Is it gonna be a pitcher’s park?
BW: It looks really cool from the pictures and all I could hope for is it to be a pitcher’s park. (Laughter)

Niklas: Ok, time for rapid fire.  Favorite MLB Stadium
BW: AT & T Park in San Francisco

Niklas: Best hitter and pitcher in the MLB?  You’d least like to face them.
BW: Pitcher… Aroldis Chapman .  I do not want to know what a 105 MPH fastball is like .  Hitter?  I’ll always say Pujols
Niklas: Ok, Best MLB Team ever?
BW: For growing up so far it has been the 2002 World Series winning Anaheim Angels , they did it all.
Niklas: Best MLB game you’ve ever seen?
BW: Well,  I’ll go with a game in which I was actually there.   It was the 2009 World Baseball Classic final between Japan and Korea… unreal game.  Not MLB but it was  still good.

Niklas: Yeah, that was a great game.  Ok.  Favorite Food?
BW: Curry rice.  My grandma from Japan had the greatest recipe for it.

Niklas: Sounds great.  Ok, last but not least.  Who will win the Super Bowl and who are you rooting for?

BW: San Francisco 49ers!!! Not a fan, but,  I’ll take a California team to win.
Niklas: I’m going Giants.  Thanks so much for your time Beau and good luck in your 2012 season and in your career!

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