Christian Yelich Interview

Christian Yelich is an outfielder in the Miami Marlins organization.  He was named their top prospect by Baseball America and he played for the Greensboro Grasshoppers last season.  I want to wish Yelich the best of  luck and I thank him for his time. Please Follow Him on Twitter @ChristianYelich

Niklas: What did it feel like being a first round draft pick?

Yelich: It was such a good feeling and something I’m proud of to this day.

Niklas: What’s it like being the top prospect according to Baseball America?

Yelich: It’s an honor.   I’ve worked hard for it, but with that being said,  I need to continue working hard to get better and improve my game.

Niklas: Yes, I don’t know if you saw our website, but,  we have a video of you hitting a walk-off home run for Greensboro.   How did that feel?

Yelich: That was actually the first time I hit a walk-off homer and it came at a good time.  That was the best game I’ve been a part of.  Hopefully it sparked our run in the playoffs.

Niklas: Hard to believe that was your first walk-off HR, How was Greensboro?  How about the team?

Yelich: Greensboro was a great place to play and we had a good group of guys who played hard every night.

Niklas: Seems like it was fun.  How was the transition from first base to the outfield?

Yelich: I never actually played a lot of first base but I was labeled as one.  The transition to the outfield is going well and I’ve been working at it with our outfield coordinator.

Niklas:  What is your best tool… your speed, power, fielding, or hitting ability?
Yelich: I’d say my hitting ability but also my ability to be a balanced offensive player and steal some bases and hit some home runs

Niklas: So what’s your mentality going to the plate?

Yelich: I’m just trying to get a good pitch and hit it hard and I feel if I can do that, the results will be there in the end.

Niklas: What has been your best moment in baseball up to this point?
Yelich: Winning the SAL championship this year.  There’s nothing like winning it and it was a great group of guys to play with.

Niklas: You seem like you were on a great team.  What was your favorite team and player growing up?
Yelich: The Yankees growing up because of Derek Jeter.  I liked how he carried himself on and off the field.  He is a class act.

Niklas:  So watching them lose in the 2011 ALDS must
not have been fun for you.  Who’s stronger, you or Stanton?
Yelich: Definitely Stanton.  (Laughter)

Niklas: Who’s the funniest player (or manager) on the Marlins?
Yelich: Gotta say LoMo.   I don’t know him well,  but  the times we have talked, he’s been hilarious.

Niklas: I can only imagine what was said.  So how has your MLB experience been so far?

Yelich: It’s been great.  I’ve learned a lot so far and I believe I’ve improved as a player.

Niklas: What does 2012 behold?  Are you going to spring training?  What level will you start at?
Yelich: I’m not going to big league camp, and, I’m not sure what level I’ll be a.   I’ll know once camp breaks.

Niklas: What do you think of the new Marlins ballpark?  Will it be a hitters park?

Yelich: From the pictures I’ve seen it looks nice.  As far as a hitters park, I can only hope, but, we’ll see.

Niklas: Would you rather hit a walk off Grand Slam with your team down by three or make a diving catch that saves the game?

Yelich: In reality,  either one because we would’ve won.   But, for the purpose of the question, I’d say a Grand Slam…

Niklas: Favorite MLB Stadium
Yelich: Yankee Stadium
Niklas: Best Team You Ever Saw
Yelich: 1998 Yankees

Niklas: Second Marlin to say that team…Best Hitter and Pitcher in the MLB
Yelich: Pujols as a hitter and Cliff Lee as a pitcher

Niklas: Good choices.  Best MLB game you ever saw
Yelich: Game 6 of 2011 World Series

Niklas:Favorite food

Yelich: Mexican
Niklas: Super Bowl Pick

Yelich: Patriots… Tom Brady is a proven winner and he’s married to a super model.
Niklas: Can’t argue with the second thing you said, though, I’ll be pulling for the Giants

Niklas: Thanks so much for your time Christian.   Best of luck, and I know I will see you on the Marlins soon!

Yelich: No problem, I appreciate it.




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