We Need Writers!

Yes We Are! For any  Marlins fans out there, who really likes to write, especially about “marlins baseball”, here is your first chance to become a writer! 

“You Just Need To Answer The Following Questions”

  • Do You have time to write about the fish?
  •  Do You Have Experience? 
  • Why Should We Pick You?

Thanks For Reading Marlins Fans, Hopefully You Will Be The Next Marlins Nation Writer! Remember Fish Fans To Like Us On Facebook Marlins Nation  and Follow Us On Twitter Also @MarlinsNation1!

P.S We Don’t Pay And Comment Your Answers Here! 


  1. Andy Rafuls

    I have plenty of time to write to write about the fish….I have some experience writing about sports….the reason you should select me to write on your blog is that there will be passion in everything I write as well as accuracy in my facts…..

    Thank you

    Andy Rafuls

  2. Luis Daniel Acosta

    Hello. Yes, I could make some time during my day to blog about the Marlins.

    Are you referring to experience in writing, or experience in Marlins fandom? Either way I suppose the answer to both questions would be yes. However, I don’t possess any kind of professional experience in writing… not to the degree of say, like a journalist.

    I would be a good selection because I’ve been a huge fan of the Marlins since 1999 (I was born in 1992), and generally attend 15-20 home games each season. I’m also a fairly talented writer and a very opinionated person who can articulate his opinions well through writing.

    Thanks a lot, God bless.

  3. Henry Alvarez

    I do have school and lacrosse but if I am chosen i will be able to put that aside for the moment and write about my favorite baseball team.

    I don’t have experience in professional writing but with my love of the team and the passion i have for them I’m sure that it will come fast, my English teacher always says if you write about something you love its makes it so much easier to write.

    I have been a Marlins fan through thick and thin and I think that I could be a great young writer for the team. I may be young according to some people but I have the passion and drive to be a very good writer and especially for my favorite baseball team. I have a great work ethic and I think I can overcome the difficulties and be able to complete my stories that will aim to the Miami fans.

  4. Alejandra Milian

    To write for the Fish or not to write for the Fish, that is the question…well in my case there is no question, why I wouldn’t want to do i?. I love writing, I love the game, I love expressing myself freely. I have time to write about one of my favorite baseball teams of all time! I have experience writing due to my current role as full time graduate student; wherein we are constantly writing and making sure we write based on integrity, opinion and reliable sources. Why should you choose me?
    You should choose me because I am fun, energetic, dedicated, LOVE the game and expressing myself.

    Good luck to everyone!


    Alejandra Milian

    p.s.: I CAN’T wait for the new season to start and be the first to sit in our season tix seats!!!!!

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