Christopher Squries Interview

Christopher Squires is an RHP in the Miami Marlins organization. He played for 4 team in the minors: Jamestown Jammers, Greensboro Grasshoppers, Jupiter Hammerheads and Jacksonville Suns last season and he was 37th pick of the 2010 MLB June Amateur Draft. He is from Fort  Wayne, Indiana.


Michael: What was your reaction when you got drafted? How was your familiy’s emotions?

Chris: I was ecstatic. It was a moment I had been believing for my whole life. My family was also very excited for me, they share my dream.

Michael: How did you like your first season as a professional baseball player?

Chris: I loved it! It definitely is a grind but it’s exciting to have the opportunity to play and work for a spot in the Big Leagues

Michael: What is your favorite moment of you playing baseball?

Chris:When we won the Big Ten Championship. It was something we had been working towards and it was fun to finally celebrate the achievement.

Michael: How did you feel when you pitched for the first time as a pro?

Chris: Excited! To finally step on the mound wearing the jersey of a pro team was a feeling I had been waiting for for years.

Rapid Fire Questions:

Michael: New or old logo?

Chris: old

Michael: New or old Jerseys?

Chris: New as a whole, but the old all teal was my favorite

Michael: New or Old Billy the Marlin?

Chris: Old Billy

Michael: Pat or Giants

Chris: Giants

Michael: Alright thank you for your time good luck in spring training

Chris: No problem thank you

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