The Florida Who?

It seems as though amid all the offseason talk and buzz surrounding the Fish, we Marlins fans take something for granted.  Even I often forget who the Marlins were just a year ago, remember?  Remember the days of rain outs, sun burns, and having to drive to the middle of nowhere?  Yeah, that’s all out the window now.  People say that baseball can’t work in Miami, but as far as this Marlins fan is concerned baseball has never been in Miami.

 Until now.  They say the Marlins have no fans, wrong, look at how they sold out the stadium for the playoffs and two World Series that we won (chew on that one cubs fans).  Not to mention that the Marlins have had some of the best television ratings in the majors.  The only reason they had poor attendance was because of a flurry of bad circumstances.  But that’s all over!

 Miami has baseball, better than ever, and it’s here to stay.  From having the most luxurious sparkling new stadium to the best (yeah, I said it) colors and uniforms in the MLB to substantially raising their payroll and bringing in amazing talent- the Marlins have become what no one thought they could, a contender.

All this change will culminate at the beginning of this coming season when for the first time in quite a while, two Marlins games will be televised to the nation and America will be able to see just who the Fish are.  So Marlins fans, enjoy, this year may be amazing for the Fish for many reasons, but if all things work out, there will be many more good years to follow.  And to the rest of America, brace yourself, here come the Fish!

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