Jacob Realmuto Interview

Jacob Realmuto is a Catcher in the Miami Marlins organization. He was drafted by the Marlins in the 3rd round of the 2010 MLB June Amateur Draft. He played with the Greensboro Grasshoppers last season. He is from Midwest City, Oklahoma, US and he is 20 years old. Please follow him on Twitter @JTRealmuto!


Jacobo H: First of all, how was it like being drafted by the Marlins?

Realmuto: It was exciting because I knew that was the first step in reaching my goal of playing at the highest level.

Jacobo H: It’s always exciting to get that feeling. How was it like playing your first minor league game?

Realmuto: I was anxious to get my first game under my belt, and also proud to put the Marlin’s jersey on for the first time.

Jacobo H: Yeah I would really get like that too, What has been your best moment in baseball up to this point?

Realmuto: My best game ever was in high school when I went 4-4 with 3 home runs.

Jacobo H: That sounds like an awesome game! Which runner do you want take out when he is stealing and which pitcher do you wanna catch for when your in the majors?

Realmuto: Well I would have like to have taking out Reyes, but he’s on my team now. I’ll just go with Juan Pierre and I’d like to catch Josh Johnson

Jacobo H: Tough luck, but he is with us now! So what do you think about the new ballpark? What do you like the most?

Realmuto: I haven’t got to see it in person yet, but from what I hear it’s amazing. I like the fact that it has a dome.

Jacobo: Well it’s a retractable roof, now we can enjoy every single game without it raining. Who was your favorite team and favorite player growing up?

Realmuto: Favorite team growing up was the Los Angeles Dodgers and my favorite player was Mike Piazza.

Jacobo H: Cool now I can see why you like to be a catcher. So what do you think about the marlins offseason? Can you see them in the playoffs?

Realmuto: They made a lot of big moves, got tons of talent. If they can stay healthy, I don’t see any reason they can’t make the playoffs.

Jacobo H: Yeah we got tons of upgrades by getting Reyes, Buehrle, Bell and others. If you can see them in the playoffs; What is your World Series Pick?

Realmuto: Miami Marlins vs. Detroit Tigers

Jacobo H. That could be one of the coolest World Series since we could face Ex-Marlins Manger Jim Leyland and Ex-Marlin Miguel Cabrera.

Jacobo H. That wraps it up. Thank You Mr. Realmuto and Good Luck in 2012!

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