Marlins Park Is 97 Percent Done

On July 18, 2009 the Marlins broke ground on their new ballpark and 970 days later they are finally putting the last pieces in the new ballpark!

Today was a BIG day!  The Marlins are installing the final pieces in the new ball park.

  • Installation shade-resistant Bermuda sod called Celebration.
  • 2 Fish Tank Behind home plate
  •  HR feature with flying Marlins 

David Samson “Today is the day this ballpark comes to life the one thing you always look for more than the JumboTron or the seats, the one thing you need to play baseball (is) you need grass and you need basepaths, and today we have it.’

David Samson: “The roof will now stay open to let the grass grow until opening day, the interesting part is that we need the grass and the rain to get this Bermuda grass which is called Celebration to get to 3 quarters inch thick, that is a level that we never obtain in the history of the Marlins before and we are gonna get it here, we have a grounds crew for the first time, we  have no need of a tarp because of the roof and when this grass laid you will see it take shape for opening day

Here are the fish tanks behind home plate but with no fishes, they will arrive in about 2-3 weeks.

The final piece on the HR Feature has been installed, which is the flying  Marlins.

In my opinion this HR Feature is awesome, it fits just right, it has Miami all over it. What Do You Guys Think? Answer The Following Poll:  

Here are some more pictures of  the ballpark

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