Jose Reyes Cut His Signature Hair

Yesterday was tough day for the Marlins new shortstop Jose Reyes. He needed to get his dreads cut off because of the Marlins hair policy, like the Yankees policy. Some teams like the Red Sox and Giants do not do this policy, example Giants Closer Brian Wilson Beard and SP Tim Lincecum.

If your wondering why I said  “yesterday was a tough day for Jose Reyes”.  You could say it’s just an ordinary hair cut, no big. But if your Jose Reyes it would give you nightmares.

Did you know that Jose Reyes had his dreads since the 2007 season and he washed his hair once a month, yeah gross but someone with dread would understand this.

Every time the barber cut a dread, it looked like Jose was getting a heart attack. Reyes said to the MLB Network cast “this is painful man“. The fish asked Jose before signing him that was it ok if he can cut his hair, Reyes responded “no problem, my hair won’t affect the way I play“. So he knew he was getting a hair cut, anyways he needed to get one.

But this wasn’t any hair cut! It was on national t.v. Also Reyes and the MLB are doing a good thing, they are selling Jose hair on E Bay and the top payer gets his hair, but the point is, that all the money will be donated to Make A Wish Foundation of South Florida. If  you want to make a bid just go on E Bay and search Jose Reyes Dreads and make your bid, you still have 4 days to go!

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