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Marquise Cooper Interview

Marquise Cooper is an outfielder in the Miami Marlins organization.  He played for Single-A Jamestown last season and was drafted in the third round of the 2009 MLB First Year Player Draft.  He is from Fresno, California.  Be sure to give him a follow on Twitter @MarquiseCooper

Niklas: What was your favorite team and player growing Up?

Marquise: Favorite Team was the Oakland A’s and favorite player growing up would have to be Ricky Henderson.
Niklas: Good choice.   I’ve heard you’re fast so that makes sense.  Who is faster: You or Emilio Bonifacio?

Marquise: (Laughter)Bonifacio is faster, but,  I’m coming.

Niklas: How was Jamestown and the team?

Marquise: Jamestown was fun.  I had fun with a lot of the guys… the team was great.  I was sorry the season had to finish that way, though.

Niklas: What was it like being drafted in the 3rd round right out of high school?

Marquise: It was crazy because I got drafted on my graduation day right before I walked on stage.  But, I’m truly blessed and thank God.

Niklas: Sounds like a great day.   Do you view yourself as a lead-off hitter?
Marquise: Yes, it was a wonderful day.   But, yeah I do  (view myself as a lead-off man).

Niklas:   What is your approach at stealing a base?
Marquise: Good lead and reading the pitcher until that slight mistake…

Niklas: What do you think of the Marlins stadium?
Marquise: it’s real nice.  Can’t wait to play in it!

Niklas: Is there any reason you wear number 9?
 Marquise: It’s my lucky number.

Niklas: Cool… nice number.  How do you feel about playing center field in the MLB?  There are a lot of big hitters in your division and you could be real busy.

Marquise: I like playing center field and I love to get action every chance I get.

Niklas: How do you feel about the moves the Marlins made this offseason and their chances in 2012?

Marquise: I think they made some good moves and it turns out good for the Marlins in 2012

Niklas: What has been your best moment in baseball?
Marquise: I have a lot of good moments in baseball, but, putting in the jersey is something I love to do.
Niklas: That’s a really good thought.  How has the minor leagues been as far as the experience so far?

Marquise:: Minors have been good.  I get to play in a good stadium… meet some great people…

Niklas: What type of glove do you use and why?

Marquise: I use Rawlings… no reason, it was just the first glove I got.

Niklas: Sweet, that was my first glove too.

Niklas: What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen in the minors so far?
Marquise: (Laughter) Funniest thing so far happened this past year on the road when I was on the bus.  We had a joke off and it was hilarious… classic moment!

Niklas: That had to have been funny!  Best MLB Stadium…

Marquise:  My favorite stadium has to be Angel Stadium because I had a pre-draft workout there and it was really nice!

Niklas: Best MLB Player Ever

Marquise: Hank Aaron

Niklas: Best Marlins Player right now
Marquise: I would say Mike Stanton.
Niklas: Best Game you’ve ever played in

Marquise: Hmmm… I would say early in the year (2011) in Jamestown.   I went like 4-5 with a couple of stolen bases and a diving catch.

Niklas: Sounds like your style of play.  So who wins the 2012 World Series?
Marquise: Hopefully the Miami Marlins.   They got my vote!

Niklas: Favorite Vacation Spot

Marquise: Vegas

Niklas: That wraps it up.  Thanks so much Marquise and good luck in 2012!

Marquise: No problem and thank you.  You take care.

This Interview was done by Niklas Jarvinen, follow him on Twitter @Niktigs and follow this awesome Miami Marlins blog on Twitter @MarlinsNation1